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CRI's credit counseling education and credit restoration results turned an impossible home loan closing, according to the realtor and the title company into me finally owning my dream home that I had been admiring for several years. I will be forever grateful to CRI and will refer you lots of customers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cherry D. Spring Branch, Texas


We contacted CRI about our poor credit situation due to some bad financial decisions. We were expecting our first child and wanted to move into our 1st home before the birth. After about 90 days, our credit scores had increased over 100 points and we moved into our new home 4 days before our daughter's birth. Our daughter's birth was a miracle and CRI performed one for us too. Charles and Blanca M. Houston, TX


This is just a note to thank you for your outstanding work clearing up a credit report that badly needed your services. I wanted you to know that my banker shook her head while holding the new credit report and said in all her years in the business, she had never seen a similar feat pulled off. She said that these kind of negative reports can go on for years and sometimes for life, and to have this kind of work accomplished in such a shortly period of time was truly remarkable. She added that paying the fee that I did for the service was the best money I ever spent. Michael H. Los Angeles, CA


I sold my car to a family member and didn't realize until Silverstone Mortgage pulled my report that the car was near repossession. Then, I discovered that my CPA transposed my social secuirty number on my tax return by mistake and caused more problems. CRI's credit consulting division cut through the red tape and successfully negotiated with the leinholder to show I did not own the car and contacted IRS to correct the social. To make a long story short, we got our new home through the tenacity and expertise of CRI. Our entire family thank you all. Abel and Diana P.



We at Legend Home/Triton Interests, LTD. have used Consumer Resources, Inc. since 2004. I would say that we have had a 100% closing rate on those customers who cooperated and completed the credit repair process. Cathy P., Legend Home/Triton Interests, LTD Home Builders.


I hired Consumer Resources, Inc. to help me with my own personal credit issues and as a Loan Officer, I referred credit challenged borrowers to them. After 5 months, CRI got rid of 3 pages of derogatory items and my scores went up 45 points on Equifax, 112 points on Transunion and 243 points on Experian for a 785 credit score. Michelle L., Silverstone Mortgage


Although I am an Attorney, I could have never dealt so efficiently and effectively with these issues myself. This has been an investment worth every penny. Your rates are very reasonable, especially in light of the significant improvement we achieved. I have and will continue to refer my clients to CRI when they need your services. Michael R., Attorney


Thank you for the excellent service that CRI provided our customers to improve their credit. If not for your credit restoration service, a lot of our credit turndown customer's loans could not close. Besides the great service, you guys consistently produce quick results. The majority of our customers' scores start increasing significantly after about 50 days. Keep up the great work because it has helped my customers tremendously and improved my bottomline. We will continue to send CRI all of our credit turndowns. Michael K. Mortgage Banker


I have been referring clients to Consumer Resources, Inc. since 2002 for two main reasons. One is because of their professional representation. Two, is because they've developed a niche market that targets clients who have credit challenges in acheiving the American Dream. Michael R. CPA




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