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Since 1996, Consumer Resources, Inc. has developed and implemented amazing products and services that were specifically designed to benefit consumers financially that drastically enhance a higher standard of living. Consumers have embraced our credit repair, credit restoration services and network resources as the best in the world. And because they are affordable, consistently effective and always achieve ©fastresults, CRI has achieved a 99.999% Customer Satisfaction rating. Because we are so confident in the effectiveness of our service to deliver the desired results each and every time, CRI offers a 125% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


CREDIT RESTORATION SERVICES: Offer consumers a proven system that starts improving credit in as little as 45 days, since 1996.  The average success rate since 1996 is 75-80% of all negative accounts are corrected or removed. When the process is completed, customers can accomplish their goals of homeownership, purchase a car, qualify for a high paying job, lower interest rates and insurance costs. Our customer satisfactions rating is 99.999%.


Do-it-Yourself Credit Restoration and Financial Managment Software: This software is for consumers that want  to perform their own credit restoration and save money. CRI offers this software as an inexpensive alternative to having our team of experts perform the process for  the consumer. The "Credit Rescue" software is the exact same software used to perform the In-House process and is limited to 2 users, has a one-time use, and instructions are provided but no support. "Credit Rescue" does not support all PC operating systems.


DEBT ELIMINATION: This service is outsourced to a law firm that specializes in credit and debt resolution and CRI has worked with this firm since 2005. If a customer has at least 5 revolving credit card accounts that are about to go to collection or are in collections averaging $3000-$5000 or more each, the Debt Elimination service may be the right fit.  After analyzying the customer's credit report, we can make the appropriate recommendation.


CREDIT BUILDING AND CREDIT MANAGEMENT (Consumers and Businesses): Some customer require a combination of credit builidng and credit restoration to achieve the best credit scores. We have the resources to build credit and teach customers how to manage their credit effectively to accumulate the maximum amount of points added to their credit scores each month.


CREDIT CONSULTATION AND ANALYSIS: The first step of effective credit restoration and credit building is to start with an analysis of a recent credit report from all 3 credit bureaus with credit scores. Our experts analyze each credit  account with the customer to gain knowledge and history of the account. After this analysis, a strategy is developed to systematically improve the customer's credit scores and profile to its maximum potential.


CREDIT ATTORNEY RESOURCES: We have worked with this law firm since 2005 and they specialize in debt elimination and provide consumers legal representation regarding disputed credit issues with creditors, credit bureaus and collection agencies. After CRI analyzes a customer's credit report and interviews the customer, a determination is made as to which service best fits the customer's needs. If a customer's credit related issues are overwhelming debt or require legal advice, CRI refers them to this law firm.


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