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In 1996 Consumer Resources, Inc. also known a CRI was founded with a strong commitment and desire to provide cutting edge credit repair, credit restoration and financial services to help consumers and businesses build and rebuild a strong credit and financial foundation. As a financial software development company CRI developed "Credit Rescue" a financial management software that included a powerful credit restoration module. The software revolutionized  the cumbersome credit restoration process using the principles and guidelines in Fair Credit Reporting Act.


In 2000, CRI opened a state of the art multi-faceted Financial Service Center in Houston, Texas to cater to businesses and consumers that demanded fast and effective credit restoration (including effective identity theft prevention and solutions) and credit building services. After extensive research, planning, and development, CRI started successfully offering these services online, in office, by mail and worldwide to consumers, the military and contractors worldwide. 

The financial industry finally realized that restoring consumers' credit was a trillion dollar untapped mega market that has a direct positive impact on the economy and their bottomlines.  The industry also realized that a vast majority of consumers that are credit challenged are not all deadbeats and that over 99% that  had credit issues were impacted by job loss, divorce, medical bills, death in the family and natural disasters. By improving their credit has an immediate positive impact on improving their productivity, buying power, health and self esteem.


CRI's credit restoration service created such an overwhelming response from consumers that CRI had to diversify and offer assistance to more consumers. So, CRI developed an Affiliate and an Associate Referral Program to allow other entreperneurs the opportunity to earn a substantial income by offering this powerful and effective service to more consumers worldwide.  The Affiliate Program allows an entrepreneur to offer the credit restoration service to their customers worldwide under their own company name and CRI provides only the back office processing. The Associate Referral Program allows realtors, home builders, Loan Officers, Car Dealer, Retirees, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs  and others the opportunity to send customers directly to CRI for a referral fee, once their customer enrolls in the credit restoration service.



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